What is the best insect repellent for deer flies ?
A conventional repellent will not work on deer flies. Even DEET won't stop them. Natural Trednot Deerfly Patches worn on the cap is the most effective protection. They are odorless, without chemicals, and safe with children.
How long will one patch last?
Each patch will last all day on your cap, even longer; just hang it up overnight and wear it again the next day. It can last up to 3 days.
What is the shelf life on the patches?
They will last for three years in the package.
Can I wear the patch anywhere other than my cap or hat?
No. Due to the habit of the deerfly, they are only effective on the top / back of the cap.
Does it matter what color of cap I wear?
Our tests show that a light blue cap works best.
Will Deerfly Patches work on mosquitos, black flies, gnats, or other biting flies?
Although some people have reported success with stopping a few other biting flies, we do not recommend them as protection for anything but deerflies.
How can I remove unwanted glue from skin or other objects?
Glue may be removed with mineral spirits, turpentine, or paint thinner. Put a little of either solvent on a cloth and rub the glue off. On a hat or cloth surface, rub with the cloth and solvent, then wash with soap and water.