All Insect Traps 10 pk

All Insect Traps 10 pk
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2 1/2" x 6" clear glue traps....peel n place. 10 per package. Trapping Floor Crawlers: Spiders, Crickets, Ants Millipedes, Centipedes, Sow Bugs, and Cockroaches are mostly floor crawlers. Traps should be placed on the floor ALONG A WALL or behind furniture and especially in dark corners. Basements are an especially good place to trap the floor crawlers if placed in “out of the way” places. Don’t be surprised to find an unlucky mouse trapped as well. Trapping Window Dwellers: Flies, Stink Bugs, Moths, Wasps and Bees, Asian Beetles (most people call Ladybugs), and other insects seen in windows are attracted to the light in an effort to escape. They can be seen crawling up the window pane repeatedly, dropping to the bottom, and starting the climb again, continuing this cycle for hours or days. The best place to trap insects gathering in windows is at the BOTTOM OF THE WINDOW, lying flat or leaning against the pane or sill. Eventually, virtually every insect in the window will drop onto the glue trap. This spot is especially true for trapping Asian Beetles who are especially particular about what they step in. If attached to the upper window pane they refuse to step in the sticky glue on the trap. But by placing the trap at the bottom of the window on the sill, the Asian Beetles will eventually fall onto the traps. The traps may also be taped to the window pane using a 1” piece of scotch tape. These traps do not contain attractants. They are intended to be placed where insects move about, either crawling on the floor or attracted to the light of windows. IMPORTANT: Store the traps in a cool place. The release paper is removed much easier if they are cool, COLD, or even frozen. (The colder the better)