Tred-Not Slippery Caterpillar Tape

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Tred-Not Slippery Caterpillar Tape
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Trednot Slippery Caterpillar Barrier Tape Slippery Caterpillar Tape is a 30 ft roll of tape that is an adhesive on one side, to attach to the tree trunk, and slippery on the other side to prevent upward migration of Gypsy Moth, Eastern Tent, Walnut Caterpillars , and Bagworms, Oakworms and Cankerworms. No Chemicals involved. Does not kill the caterpillars...they just go elsewhere. Used by homeowners, orchards, an nurseries to protect residential trees. Also used by fruit tree nurseries. Watch a you tube video of the barrier in use. Search trednot slippery caterpillar tape. 2” wide x 30 ft long. Protects ten 10-inch diameter trees or twenty-five 4 inch diameter trees or ninety 1/2" diameter nursery trees / seedlings. No Chemicals, Completely Non-Toxic Disposable, No mess Easy Application, Easily cut to length with scissors. Safe with children and pets Apply to the trunks of trees to stop upward climbing of caterpillars and other insects. Stops Gypsy Moth Caterpillars, Eastern Tent caterpillars, bark scorpions, and other crawling insects from crawling up your trees. Forms a barrier around the tree trunk to prevent caterpillars from climbing upwards to feed on leafy branches.