Deerfly Patches - 200 patches (Fifty 4/pks)

Deerfly Patches - 200 patches (Fifty 4/pks) image
Deerfly Patches - 200 patches (Fifty 4/pks)
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Deerfly Patches are a non chemical, odorless protection from biting deerflies. They are a disposable 2” x 6” adhesive patch that is placed on the back of the hat or cap and trap the deerflies as they buzz around your head. Virtually every deerfly will land on the patch because they target it as a “good biting place” Deerflies, sometimes called Greenheads, May flies, Yellow Flies, Marsh Flies, Strawberry Flies, or Sand Flies start biting in May. Conventional repellents do not work well on them. They are especially abundant in eastern states. Deerfly Patches are used by gardeners, fishermen, hikers, campers, runners, bikers, canoeists, horseback riders, anyone outside. People like them because there is no smell, no chemicals to rub on or spray on. Deerfly Patches are a hot seller from mid-May to mid-August. Eco-friendly, they protect without the smelly spray-on chemicals.